Thursday, June 4, 2009

What this blog is all about

1) Technology Section - This part is going to involve my technological work in areas like java, j2ee and specific issues that I have faced with websphere etc. The other part will also involve general work principles and other things that I am curious about.

2) Acheiving Excellence section - Try to answer questions about achieving excellence. This section will contain interviews with people that are extra-ordinary in their field. It is going to be interactive and engage the audience.

3) Lifestyle section - It will be about things like small business ownership, remote working etc. This section is going to be about cool things that I see myself doing. Ideas on simple living, vegetarian eating, boot camp training, money management etc. Also ask the big questions in life (interviews with experts in eastern philosophies like hinduism and buddhism).

4) Creative writing section - This is where drafts of some of my stories will go as well as creative articles in various field.

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